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Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Breakfast Line to hit Wal-mart in Sept.

***Breaking news from***

Fast Fixin will have a new breakfast line hitting most Wa-lmart stores towards the end of september!! These products are currently sold to schools and Fast Food chains. Wal-mart will be the first to offer these items in grocery stores for retail sale.
See Pictures here:
If you havn't signed up for fanatics you could use the $1.00 coupons!!!!
** Permission to repost this information any where is denied unless given credit due to :

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Deals of the Week 8/26/08

School is here and all the moms will be taking lots of pictures!! Here are some deals that won't lighten your wallet!!!

FREE Online Photo Processing
Try Snapfish Today and you'll get 20 FREE PrintsPlus, 20 FREE additional prints when you upload your digital photos*When you join Snapfish, get your first roll of film developed for FREE.**You pay only $1.99 for shipping and handling of your prints and negatives.*If you use a digital camera, you'll get 20 free 4x6 prints the first time you upload photos from your Computer to your Snapfish account. After that, prints are 12¢ each every day!**Free film developing offer expires 90 days from sign-up. 20 free digital print offer expires 60 days from your first upload.It only cost me $2.02 with tax and shipping for 20 photos!Click Here


Get 15 FREE 4x6 prints!

Tell them I sent ya you get 5 more! ( it only cost me $1.71 for 20 pics !!!!!!!!!!!***********************************************************

Signup and get 30 FREE Prints.

You are responsible for Shipping & Handling


Sign up with Tabblo and receive a FREE 40-page 4"x4" linen-bound hardcover photo book.

Perfect for carrying in a purse or briefcase. Their pocket-size photo books make for a very special holiday gift or stocking stuffer!Coupon can also be applied toward any of other Tabblo products, such as:* 40 free digital camera prints* A free, unique 11"x17" photo collage poster* A 33% discount on large (9.5"x8") photo books

Re: FREE Online Photo Processing
by couponprincess
If you sign up for a new account with York photo, you can get 30 free prints. Plus, if you use coupon code freeship or SHIP4X6 and you should be able to get free shipping, too! I've heard the shipping codes are not working for everyone, but let us know if you try them and they work.

Free Photo Collage Kit:
Comes complete with a large expandable styleenvelope that can hold pictures up to 8" x 10" as well asa CD case for your digital pictures.

GDA - Glade Scented Oil Warmers and Refills
by Frugal Fraline

This week Walgreens has the Glade Scented Oil Warmers at 4.79 and a BOGO sale. There are BOGO coupons in this weeks inserts. Soooo....that makes them TWO for FREE!!!!!!Also, the scented oil refills are 4.59 for a twin pack. There are BOGO coupons for these as well in this weeks inserts. Plus we had $1 off 1 twin pack or 2 singles awhile back. AND there's and ESR of $1.50 w/ a limit of 2. So it looks like this.

Refill 4.49 x2 = 8.98

- $4.49 BOGO coupon

- $1.00 off one twin pack couponOOP $3.49

- $3.00 ESR

.49 for TWO twin packs when it's all said and done!!!!!

Free Rimmel Eyeshadow
by bkokc00
Walgreens has all Rimmel on sale b1g1 free this week..There were coupons in the ALL YOU magazine for b1g1free on rimmel eyeshadow. This is the ALL YOU that had all the kraft coupons in it.


School Supplies 30% off...
by couponprincess
School Supplies 30% off. Not that great of a sale but next week stuff should be 75%,

I will have to check the mark down schedule.

Tom Thumb:

L'oreal Vive Pro Gloss Free!
by couponprincess
Tom Thumb stores have L'Oreal Vive Pro Gloss Shampoo on sale B1G1 right now. Use the B1G1 coupon from the 08/17 SmartSource insert to get two bottles for free!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lessons in Savings by Cathy

Deals of the Week 8/19/08

Free cascade Rinse coupon:

Comes in a coupon book with over $37 in savings!!!!

Free snausages: (Thanks Amiee)
The 1st 50,000 people get a free snausages!

1 Free Roll of Scott toilet paper:(Thanks Willa)

Homeland Deals: (Thanks ousooners1)

Homeland deals week of 8/20
Dole Southwest Salad $2.50-.75q=$1.00 (q found inside package)
Post Cereals 2/$5-$1/2 q= 2 for $3
WishBone Salad Dressing or Spritzers $2-0.60q=$0.80
Del Monte Fruit ChillersX2=$4-$1/2q= 2 for $2 (all you mag)
Lawry’s Marinades $1.6-0.50q=0.67
V8 Splash 64 oz x2=$4-.75/2q=$2.50 for 2
Aquafina 24 pack=$3.99
Farmland Ham 10 oz=$2.50-$2q=$0.50
Duracell batteries $2.50-$.75q=$1Thurs-Sun Sale
Hamburger Helper Microwave Singles $1X3 -$1/3 q= 3 for $1
Dawn Dish Liquid 1-0.50q=FREE
Hiland Dips 16 oz $1-0.25=$0.50
Puffs $1-.25=$0.50
Milk gallon=$2.99

MIU Hard Anodized Aluminum 6-Quart Stovetop Deep Fryer (Thanks Amiee)

Use our link to order this:
Hard Anodized Aluminum 6-Quart Stovetop Deep Fryer Was: $129.99 Now: $33.99 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. You Save: $96.00 (74%)

Dollar general Clearance 90% off:

Some dollar generals have finally marked their clearance to 90 % off!! Cjeck out the complete list on our message boards!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008



Here are some things to think about when coupon shopping. Time is money and you really need to justify what your buying is really saving you money. Here are a few do’s and dont’s to think about.

*Shopping with kids: If you have to shop with your kids make a list of the deals before you go. Let your kids know you will only be buying what is on the list. If you are finding yourself buying alot of extras(snacks, drinks,toys) to keep your little ones busy you really aren’t saving money in the long run.
Pack a snack bag in the car or to take in the store as well as book or something that will occupy them.

* Gas Prices: Do not drive clear across town just because your friend calls you and says hey my Target has razors on clearance and they have 3 left. The gas you use driving all across town is going to counteract the coupon savings. Don’t worry another deal will come along. You have to use your common sense I see way to many people who will use up a 1/2 a tank of gas just so they can get 3 bottles of shampoo for free.(thats obsession lol)

* OBSESSION: This my favorite, and one I have been guilty of until I had one of those AHA ! moments!!
Couponing can turn into an obsession, it can be quite the high to start seeing how much you can save. Some people find themselves starting to buy junk that they will never use and think they are saving alot of money only to think when they got home I just paid 10 cents for this plastic flower pot with a wooden flower sticking out of it and was normally $3.99. Great deal but now what do I do with it?
You start running out of room in your house and your family is starting to get upset because all the junk is taking up space. (now i am not saying don’t buy 10 bottles of laundry soap when you know you are going to go through a bottle a week) I mean stuff that people buy that is just junk. This can also turn into hording!

*HORDING:Hording is when you go to get a deal and you clear off the shelf so noone else can partake in it. I don’t mean you take the last 2 I mean someone who comes in and shops every CVS or Walgreens in the city and wipes every sale item off the shelf. This only hurts us couponers in the long wrong as regular customers cannot get in on the deals. Remember this is taking your time, gas and you are paying tax on all these items as well.

You do not have to stress out over getting a deal, another one will always come along ! You will find yourself less stressed and more organized in the long run.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Deals of the week 8/12/08

Survey gets you $74 worth of coupons for proctor and Gamble products
(Thanks Amiee)

Cheap Dr . pepper at Target:
(Thanks Amiee)

Target has Dr. pepper 12 packs for $2.50 and Target has a $1.00 coupon you can print from their site making it $1.50 a 12 pack!!!!!!!!

Also lots of Iam's pet food is on clereance and here is a $5 Target printable!!!!

(Thanks pammygreeneyes )
Last night at the Target on 44th & Western, I found several bottles of Robitussin on clearance. They're in the corner by the pharmacy. I had my $3 off any Robitussin coupon so I used it to get a bottle marked $2.78. Hopefully we won't need it, but inevitably we will!

75% off at Dillards:
(Thanks Tammy)
My mom and I were wandering around Dillards, JCP and Macy's this weekend and foundMANY sales that were 75% off. She bought about 10 shirts and capris that were $32.00 to $50.00 regular priced for no more than $9.99. (Many of them were only about $6.00) What a deal!I was able to buy a 3 piece suite at Dillards for only $27.49 regular price $100. I love it! Just wished I had more $$$ as the sales were REALLY good. I usually don't shop there much as I can't afford the prices. lol Now I'm really glad that we went. Tammy

Walgreens Free Gum:
(Thanks Katieinok )
I had three BOGO extra gum coupons (came out in the paper a couple weeks ago) and used it with the coupon on the back of the weekly ad for this week, so it ended up being free. So I got 6 packs for free! Yeay!

Staples is offer free glue limit 2 per customer. Check there other cheap supplies as well while you are there!!

Beauty Bucks, :
it pays you cash in the form of Beauty Bucks everytimeyou make a purchase at perfumeemporium You can then redeemyour Beauty Bucks for FREE Beauty Products. Unlike any other beautysites i know, it rewards you for making purchases. Hey, we do itanyway, why not get Beauty Bucks for it! Sign-up is free and for alimited time receive 50,000 Free Beauty Bucks when you sign up.($10.00 value)Also they are currently running a coupon promotion where you get 15%off any purchase. To redeem this coupon enter Coupon Code PD1915 onthe order form during checkout.Sounds good? You can sign up right now by clicking on the auto sign-uplink below - it will automatically take you to the Sign-up Page. Onceyou do that I’ll get referral bonus, so you and I can both earn someBeauty Bucks!!

If you haven’t signed up its just like My Points. You get points just for clicking on links!!!!!!! Here is my referral link they are having a referral contest and I could win a $250 gas card and BBQ set!!! I already got a $30 check and I just checked and I have $63 in my account woohoo!!!!

Earn Free money:
Click here to get up to $500 in free cash! Just like Paypal but FDIC insured so much better!!! Im already up to $265 in free money woohoo!!! You Need to sign up now don’t miss out I am using my money to go on vacation WOO HOO!! Click the banner to sign up!

Contest Extended:

**Contest extended to October 1st my b-day!!***

June Contest Win $25 Paypal
Ok we are going to have a video contest! I want to increase our members outside of Oklahoma!!! One lucky person will Earn $25 paypal. Paypal is free to sign up for and is basicaly like cash you put into you bank account.
Rules:Register for free at
1. Make a short video on your video or digital camera of your deal shopping.2. State your first name and state.3. Mention ConsumerQueen.com4.Email it to Titled You Tube Video5. Each video must be clean and family friendly.6. Please make sure your video is not dark and that it is of good quality.7.You will get 1 entry for each video you submit.8.We must have at least 10 people enter!!! reserves the right to change the terms of this offer at anytime.10. Your video can contain, shopping deals, freebies, coupon tips, sweepstakes prizes you have won etc.11. This contest expires June 30th
Start sending your videos now!!!!
**** We now have 4 entries!! You can view them here:

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Deal of the week 8/5/08


WALGREENS - Free Film Day Is August 6 - COUPON WED ONLY
by Consumer_Queen on 05 Aug 2008 08:14

Free Razors at Walgreens ! (Thanks Katie)
by Katieinok on 04 Aug 2008 17:53

I went today and got 4 of the Schick Quattro (the single razor kind that have a yellow sticker on them that say "Wow $3) on them. I used 3 $4 coupons from Sunday's paper and walked out paying nothing! Yeay! I used only three coupons to avoid them beeping.

movie tickets w/ purchase (Thanks mlbroughton)
by mlbroughton on 02 Aug 2008 09:09
I heard this from a Walgreens, if you purchase 4 separate axe body washes or sprays you will receive two free movie tickets on the receipt printout. The coupon prints out after your transaction is totaled. This even works for the trial sizes. It works on the trial sizes which are $1.59 The tickets are good for up to $12.00 in value. Make sure you have the cashier do seperate transactions though. I'm gonna check this out later.The ticket codes print out on the Catalina printer and are through Check here to see participating theaters is in your area - on the catalina printout:All items must be purchased in one shopping order. Limited to product in stock. No cash back. Offer valid between 7/25-8/30/2008. Codes can be entered through 9/15/08. Downloaded e-movie cash certificates must be redeemed by 11/30/08. Please refer to 8/10 circular for participating product details


Free Post-It Meeting Solutions Sample Pack

Free Post-It Meeting Solutions Sample Pack Post-it® Super Sticky Meeting Notes "Manage Meetings" Brochure 3M Digital Easel Flyer Post-it® Wall Pad Samples "Lunch on Us" Special Offer Flyer Post-It Meeting Solutions Sample Pack

First 10,000 Clean Home Journal™Welcome Home Gift Pack
Thank you for registering for a Welcome Home Gift Pack. The first 10,000* registrants only will receive a free 10-count pack of medium Ziploc® Brand Zip 'n Steam™ Microwave Steam Cooking Bags and one Glade® Air Infusions® in Clean Linen™ fragrance as well as $3.80 in coupons to enjoy.Gift packs will be mailed by October 15, 2008.Return to all current offers. * Gift pack offers are available to Right@Home™ members only. If you have won a gift pack from Right@Home™ (formerly Clean Home Journal™) in the last 90 days, you are not eligible for this month's offer.

free Meow Mix treat
by pammygreeneyes on 04 Aug 2008 12:29 (Thanks Pam)

Sign up for Meow Mix Mail today and you could win!Plus if you?re one of the first lucky cats to sign up you get a coupon for a free Meow-A-Roni Gourmet Cat Treat!Simply fill in the form below and you’re automatically entered to win a year’s worth of Meow Mix! Make your furry friends very happy cats!

General Mills Psst !:

Sign up for surveys and product testing from General Mills!!