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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Plan your menu wiith coupons

Those of you who have been keeping up to date with the Homeland deals should be raiding you pantry for recipes this week.
Mexican Night:
Free Taco seasoning, Refried Beans,green chilis, enchilada sauce and and taco shells for under .50. At Homeland Last week?
Taco Shells: .09 at Crest "Current"
Shredded lettuce or Salad mix free "this week" at Homeland witth .50/1 coupon
Pace Picante sauce is B1G1F "this week" at Homeland with coupons for .75/1 that double.
Luzianne Tea "this week" under .60 with .75/1 coupon

Italian Night:
Couple of weeks ago we got free Ragu at Homeland
Free Ronzoni Pasta current deal with the $1/1 coupons
Free Salad "this week" .50/1 dole coupon
Luzianne Tea under .60 "this week" at homeland with .75/1
This dinner is under $1 plus tax and can feed my family of 4 !!!!!!
You can also get Fast Fixin Chicken patties for .29 with $1/1 coupon and make Chicken parmesean!!
Let us know what recipes you are making this week with free and cheap items from your store!!!!

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